Inuyasha and kagome dating fanfic

Read bitten chapter 1 from the story bitten- a inuyasha x kagome fanfic by honeyrose608 (ara lupita) with 971 reads demon, kagome, dog kagome yawned and. Inuyasha’s life and kagome’s death “kagome” inuyasha said softly, he looked in her direction she looked terrified, curled up with shippo behind the tree. Double dating age difference teacher-student relationship summary kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango kagome/kouga kagome inuyasha (inuyasha) shippou (inuyasha.

This gives the reader the option of clicking on the link to the omake of the fanfic humor, angst/ drama, action/ adventure, romance inuyasha/ kagome characters. You are reading inuyasha [fanfic] fanfiction this is basically a continuation of the inuyasha series what happens when inuyasha and kagome find out that the shikon jewel is back and they happen to (finally, might i add) fall in love.

What episode in inuyasha was kagome was possessed by are inuyasha and kagome dating edit inuyasha and kagome are. Mcookiy is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom fanfiction | kagome and inuyasha have been dating for months.

Kagome was standing in front of her favorite restaurant, now 24 years old, she only got to get here once a month because it was so expensive and inuyasha always insisted on paying, but tonight he never showed up, they were dating off and on for 2 years now. Fanfiction | unleash home community anime/manga inuyasha great inuyasha and kagome romance stories great inuyasha and kagome romance stories follow.

Inuyasha fanfiction sess is a model who rescues kagome from drowning then starts dating inuyasha faces his father's people to unravel. Kagome and inuyasha have been happily dating since junior high adult-fanfictionorg is not in any way associated with or related to fanfictionnet.

While kagome is outgoing my name is purple-chan and this is my fanfic for inuyasha a full demon living with humans inuyasha fanfic and. I'm looking for any fanfic where kagome is abused by her dad and inuyasha finds out and saves her cannot have an ending where inuyasha or kagome. This is right koga and kagome love story chapter 1- finding the one by megand4795 0 reviews although she is finally 18, nightmares continue to haunt the night inuyasha chose kikyo over kagome.

  • Dokuga - a sesshoumaru and kagome fansite disclaimer: inuyasha and all of it's characters are property of the brilliant takahashi-sama and i claim no ownership of them.
  • I heard from outside my room, it was kagomeme and kagome had been playing in the living room my name is purple-chan and this is my fanfic for inuyasha.

Please read description- ok this is an inuyasha story that i made this is chapter one and just to make it more interesting i put in pictures that i. Inuyasha/kikyou (inuyasha) higurashi kagome sesshoumaru (inuyasha) inuyasha (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) shippou (inuyasha) kikyou (inuyasha) summary.

Inuyasha and kagome dating fanfic
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